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The Hermes project (November 15, 1944 December 31, 1954), was started in response to Germany’s rocket attacks in Europe.[3] Project Hermes was to determine the missile needs of army field forces. The contractor agreed to perform investigations, research http://www.replicabagss.com , experiments, design, development, and engineering work in connection with the development of long range missiles for use against ground targets and high altitude aircraft.»[5] General Electric was also to investigate ramjets, solid rocket motors, liquid propellant rocket engines, and hybrid propellents.[6] «The contract also required the General Electric Company to develop remote control equipment Designer replica Bags, ground equipment, fire control devices, and homing devices.»[7]Hermes was the Army’s second missile program. In May 1944 the Army contracted with the California Institute of Technology’s Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratories to start the ORDCIT Project to research, test and develop guided missiles.[8] The Hermes program originally was to have three phases; first would be a literature search, second a research group would be dispatched to Europe to investigate the German Missiles, third «it would design and develop its own experimental systems.

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