23 сентября 2013

Throughout human history, people have become obsessed over the darndest things, especially in the consumer driven economy that sprung up during the 1950s. Hula hoops http://www.dlgarden.com/2013/09/10/15dion-sold-out-all-of-her-european-concerts/, pet rocks, disco, pins, breakdancing, various child stars, One Hit Wonder bands, and of course, pogs were all once insanely popular, but like most fads they faded away, and these days most of us look back on all the hooplah and laugh.

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Replica bags This isn’t necessarily the easiest play to land, and one misses that quality of the American Everyman that the wonderful Bill Pullman, in a rare Broadway appearance, brought to his performance as Martin in New York. Pryce doesn’t project Pullman’s unforced normalcy, with the result that the revelations of his Martin don’t cut quite as deep. But the director, Anthony Page, presumably must share some of the credit for encouraging Fahy, Pryce’s real life partner, to underplay, and rightly so, the essentially reactive role of Stevie. And as a son possessed of impulses that are at least the rival of his father, the newcomer Redmayne makes a riveting case for the genetic transmission from one generation to the next of the possibility of transgression. As well as the potential, when least expected, for a love that, to pick up on Oscar Wilde, truly cannot speak its name. Replica bags

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