30 ноября 2012

They produce a lot of excess heat, requiring high powered fans for ventilation as well as more spacious grow rooms in order to prevent burning your plants. These bulbs must be replaced yearly as well, or they lose significant amounts of power and efficiency. LED lights run cool, use less electricity, and last longer.. As President Obama appoints John Kerry one must contextualize his choice to understand how this may mark a remembrance of African Americans’ mistreatment at the hands of the War on Drugs. Taken in conjunction with the Fair Sentencing Act President Obama signed into law in 2010 we only hope it is the first of many steps by the nation’s first Black president to correct a longstanding wrong done to Black America at the hands of the War on Drugs. At the heart of the long lasting effects of the Contra Cocaine scandal is the beefing up of the War on Drugs, which has driven black male nonviolent criminals to prison at rates no other singular group in America, or any other industrial country has experienced in history.

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