12 августа 2013

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Ipswich ruddy and rising

Joe Royle almost 0 celine a scene 75 facebook got it right with the pre-season assertion that his Manchester City side would be good enough for a place in Europe in their first year back 0 celine bag 17610 3xvh 01bc207ex in the Premiership.

Certainly, one of the three teams promoted last season is in the hunt for a Uefa Cup place; it is not, however, the runners-up City, nor the champions Charlton, but George Burley’s Ipswich.

A bizarre refereeing performance at Portman Road in last season’s play-off semi-final against Bolton may well have earned Ipswich a place in the Wembley final. Yet six months on they look not only look capable of competing in the $1450 new celine us 8 eur 38 Premiership but of succeeding — a distinction that, as Leicester have proved, can secure stability for clubs whose destiny $1350 celine red leather trio crossbody handbag might otherwise be to yo-yo between divisions.

«It’s down to hard work and teamwork and everyone knowing what job they have to do,» said Burley. «We’ve worked on this over the last three years and the confidence and spirit of the players has grown with it.

«Missing out on the play-offs as we did can make you stronger but the reality of the First Division was that by failing to gain promotion we had to sell players. This year we haven’t had to do that.»

Ipswich have been aided in the transition by being probably the bestfootballing side outside the Premiership in recent years. They proved the point with three well-taken goals here, two by the irrepressible Marcus Stewart, one from Hermann Hreidarsson, in the opening 53 minutes.

Yet while Ipswich are bucking one trend — the newly promoted team as relegation fodder — City are in danger of fulfilling another cliche: the $1800 celine brown trench 3 team too good to be relegated.

City have lacked the continuity Ipswich have enjoyed and have had only questionable success 0 celine a scene 75 facebook in the transfer market. They bought poorly in George Weah and installed three new faces in a defence that has allowed nine goals in their past two away league games, in addition to three against $950 new celine us 5 eu 35 turquoise pony hair espadrille loafers slip Ipswich.

There have been pluses: Paulo Wanchope came $2500 celine nwt new 2017 mini belt handbag cloud grained calfskin bag authentic $1190 new celine sz 38 off the bench to spark City’s recovery, scoring in the 71st minute with a deflected shot before Steve Howey headed in a free-kick 10 minutes later. But Wanchope’s strength is his unpredictability and such luxuries are not for a club in City’s predicament.

The murmurs of discontent at Maine Road were only stifled by the endeavours of the 19-year-old $2700 authentic celine trapeze tricolor small black green cream luggage tote bag Shaun Wright-Phillips, responsible for most of City’s better moments. «He got the crowd off our backs and was instrumental in keeping the crowd awake,» said Royle. Yet a teenager with three Premiership starts to his name cannot be expected to provide all the answers. If only his adoptive father , Ian Wright, was a couple of years younger.