10 апреля 2013

But Wojcicki, a 49 year old Silicon Valley insider, was at the soiree to extend an olive branch. Escorting her around the room and introducing her to Mary J. Blige and Camila Cabello was her guide, the man YouTube has entrusted with mending its ties to record labels and artists: veteran label executive and manager Lyor Cohen.. The cancellation of Energy East is the last of the big, nation building pipeline decisions that resulted from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forced transition to greener energy.It another area of the economy that Ottawa has badly mishandled. It based on an energy model for Canada that is a lousy fit for its geology, history, economy, and the competencies and desires of its people, particularly in Western Canada. It the reason Calgary economy is dead when it should be humming with new activity amid rebounding oil prices, and that unemployment in Alberta is so high it a national political embarrassment.Energy East died Thursday after Ottawa expanded its regulatory review to include climate change impacts of the whole upstream and downstream oil industry.

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