9 сентября 2013

It was unfair how he played Mohammad Nawaz during the game which destroyed the youngster’s confidence. He was so fixated on his own performance that he did not execute any game plan or use the right player at the right time. His sudden decision on changing the batting order or field placement did not help the team.

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Playing Sick: Lizzie rides around on the scooter solely for the sympathy points (and possibly laziness). When it runs out of battery on the way to report the fraud, she just gets up and stomps away to the phone box without a problem. Posthumous Character: Ned Devine, who we learn about primarily through Jackie’s dream and Maggie’s final lines.

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Just as Republican candidates have to move beyond government platitudes, President Obama needs to identify real economic solutions. I heard a little about reform (aka, tax increases on the wealthiest Americans), but not much else. The fact is the kind of tax increases needed to close the budget gap over the next two decades are unrealistic and would devastate the economy.

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