7 марта 2014

I realized it was very much like the way I had chosen to spend my life as an artist. Being part of the world yet living just outside of it, outside the mainstream, experimenting artistically. In terms of lifestyle I mean this whole block of time 15 years ago, I’m not proud of it.. In fact, the last words of Peraino’s book read like an epitaph: «In their way, the quarrels of 1949 endure.»Indeed, as President Xi Jinping has more recently tightened state controls over important aspects of life, despite all the hopes about the tonic effects of «engagement,» the path of China is now farther away from liberal democratic norms or a convergence with American interests than during the beginning of the reform era four decades ago. Then, many party leaders openly aspired to see China evolve in a more constitutional, law based direction. Without being able to interact with the openness and ease of their Nationalist forerunners, current Chinese officials charged with bridging the still wide East West gap are deprived of an essential building block.

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