2 ноября 2012

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Hermes Belt Replica Adel Taarabt put QPR in front after only 22 minutes of play time; can you beat that!? Again, I hope to ring it in Arsene Wenger’s ears, ‘The Defence!’, ‘The Defence!!’, ‘The Defence’!!! Christ Lord! What is wrong with that man!? He is ready to splash about 35 million on Goetz who by the way has turned down all offers including Arsenal’s and signed a further two years with his present club and pay paltry attention to Arsenal’s defence. Goetz is a wonderful midfielder/player, no doubt about that but, I personally think he should be spending that money trying to buy defenders, say, Chris Samba or Leonardo Bonucci. Besides, if he is so interested in buying very young players as he is wont to do, he can purchase up coming talent Frederik Sorensen from Juventus.. Hermes Belt Replica

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