20 ноября 2013

Before the official lyrics came out, the three fansubbing groups who took on the show each had a different interpretation of what she was saying. WIND fansubs took the cake for one unintelligible line, simply putting «(insert line here ;_;)»A fansub of Akahori Gedou Hour Lovege episode 6 had a scene that had so many reporters (and later Love Pheromone themselves) speaking over one another, that the subtitlers noted at the beginning of said scene that they didn’t even bother to attempt translating it.When Sanji first saw his horribly drawn bounty poster in One Piece, one fansub had his completely unintelligible mumbling subbed with one of the symbol fonts in Microsoft Word.

Hermes Birkin replica «Justice Stevens reveres the court, which is why in announcing his retirement he gave President Obama and the Senate the time to nominate his successor and fill the vacancy before the coming October session. We should do so with civility and purpose. This will be a test of the Senate at a time when this and other huge, unavoidable legislative challenges demand action. We’ve had a record number of filibusters and cloture votes aimed at delaying and deferring work that had to be done. That a political strategy for the next election, not a way to govern. I opposed both of President Bush’s nominees to the court. There’s nothing wrong with genuine disagreement. But we need a fair and swift confirmation process for the court vacancy, and even as an enormous responsibility has been added to the Senate agenda this year, we must also break through gridlock and finish legislating on urgent priorities including financial reform to help our economy, and comprehensive energy and climate change reform. We can do all of these things and still confirm a new justice.» Hermes Birkin replica

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