10 марта 2013

Fauxlosophic Narration: The voiceover at the start of every episode is a particularly fatuous example of this. Fancy Dinner: Aboard the zeppelin in episode 15. It plays out like a truly disastrous date, with Wendy smearing her makeup and Van displaying his rough table manners at their worst. For not paying its dues. Reverse Mole: James Crawford acting out as a collaborator. Ultimately revealed to be a Double Agent working for Mayor Simpson. Sometimes the persistence of falsity is fueled by the false charge having a tenuous relationship with plausibility, and a slight bit of the failure of the death panel myth to die might be attributable to the fact that prioritizing health care whether by government, or by insurance companies, or by hospitals engaged in routine triage is an inevitable part of controlling health care costs. But the larger problem is the problem of factual falsity in political debate generally, and this may be a function of increased partisanship on both sides http://www.scasefp7.eu/we-want-to-see-our-commercial-sector-grow-along-the-armitage/, as well as of the well documented phenomenon by which people’s factual beliefs in general are strongly influenced by their normative opinions. But until partisan officials and commentators become more willing to quickly and unqualifiedly condemn factual falsity on their own side and disassociate themselves from those who fuel it we will not make any progress in dealing with this enormous threat to democratic deliberation..

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