24 января 2013

Danger Four: It been suspected for years that aluminum may be related to AD. Seneff shares this concern and believes that aluminum, present in sunscreen, antiperspirants and many antacids, may be a factor in this disease. She makes another interesting point that it been demonstrated without a doubt that aluminum in water, used in renal dialysis, leads to dementia in patients unless all but trace amounts of this mineral are removed.

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Replica Designer Handbags Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future (1990) is the third speculative evolution book written by Scottish geologist Dougal Dixon, and the most controversial installment of the trio. Allegedly a science fiction account of future human evolution, the premise and its accompanying illustrations can come off as disturbing. Unlike Dixon’s previous two outings, this book deliberately ignores the laws of evolution, biology, and genetics when the plot calls for it; these contrivances are not helped by the unsettling pictures and imagery that accompany the posthumans of the distant future. Also unlike Dixon’s previous two books, this one has a narrative component and focuses on individuals across time rather than entire species, even giving them individual names. Replica Designer Handbags

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